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While we are building Trippola, you can already check out our new blog. We are a team of very experienced travel planners who know how to find some real gems out there! From breathtaking hiking trails in Kosovo to the beautiful countryside of Nepal. So we decided to provide you with amazing stories of things and places we went through, inspirations of what give us wanderlust, tips and full itinerary ideas, and much more.

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What is Trippola?

What we are building for you

Trippola is more then just a place to organize your trips, it will be with you in the process of creating the perfect travel, step-by-step, it will turn a painful process of days of spreadsheets into minutes of seamlessly making plans and seeing it all come together visually.

Map and Timeline

In the map, you will see prices, attractions, transport options and more. In the timeline you will be able to view and edit your trip , either tightly scheduled to fit every hour, or loose enough to let room for improvisation the whole day, up to you! Combine both side-by-side to see your trip unfold visually, intuitively seeing the "when" and "where" of the whole itinerary

Made for you

Trippola is tailored to you! We will learn your interest and preferences using an advanced AI algorithm. From type of accommodation and transport preferences to activities. No more receiving recommendation of things that you couldn't care less about. You can also manually tweak and override the algorithm, nothing is behind closed doors! You can also shut it down completely too, and we won't store any data about you.

We care for environment

Have you ever seen a travel planning, booking or holiday making website that takes into account the carbon footprint of your travel? No? Neither did we, so we created one. With Trippola you can keep track of your carbon footprint and receive recommendations on how to reduce it